Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sale on now!

I've put up a "Specials" category and anything I list in the next week or so will go in there to raise money for Gem's leg operation.

Here is Gem...

So check it out! If you see something in my store that isn't in the specials section you can always ask me if I'll discount it! I'm extremely open to that right now.

YAY! It's MAY!!!!

Still a few days before my blog giveaway - stay tuned!

Had more bad news yesterday (of course, it was still APRIL!). Gem needs an operation on her leg, poor pup :( She has a luxating patella (hope I spelt that right). Op is going to cost abotu $900! There goes all my savings! I'll be having sales to raise money, and I might even have to go back to ebay as much as I don't want to. But I'll see how we go on etsy first.

So, give away in a few days, specials coming up on etsy! In fact, I'm going over there shortly to start a "specials" category and put some things in it!

Monday, April 27, 2009

April doesn't exist

In my books, April just doesn't exist.

It was a horrible month. First I got pnuemonia. No cold or anything first, just bam, pnuemonia. With asthma it's not something they play around with, so into hospital for IV antibiotics, steroids AND oral antibiotics as well to make sure. Then home with two different lots of antibiots, twice around, and steroids, and all those horrible puffers which, once again, have left me without a voice.

And then this...

That's my face after it caught a metal chuck flying off the lathe at 1450 revolutions per minute. One inch higher...

I've never had a black eye before. And unfortunately getting up and punching out the lathe would have been counterproductive, so I didn't do it. I went and bought a full face mask instead, although it feels a bit like shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted!

So, I'm hiding for the rest of April.

HOWEVER!!! I hope to hit the ground in May running! I've decided that I'll have a give away in May, in honour of Zoe's birthday, so keep watching for that!

OK, time for me to go cover myself in pillows so nothing else can hurt me and hide. Another 2 days...