Friday, March 6, 2009

Show opening - and tired!

Boy, the poor Queen!

That might seem a little left of centre, but after the opening last night I really feel sorry for her. Standing on my feet for hours, answering the same question over and over (what is scratchboard, of course). It was ok, but too many people, too hot, too many people drinking too much because it was hot, and then talking to me, and, after all, I was there because I'm NOT social!

Give me the internet any day.

And that was my own art show. The poor Queen has to attend function after function that she probably has no interest in, be, not just polite, but NICE about everything, stand for hours at parades and so on.

I would not cope.

It seemed that everyone had a good time. My art got lots of attention, people couldn't work out how it was done. It was nice seeing Judith, my cousin there, and my son Garth did a brilliant job on the bar. Gem behaved well and got lots of pats, and Zoe was in charge of chatting to people about my work, which she does very well.

I think next time I'll make a name tag "Eliza", pin it on Zoe, and she can just pretend she is me!

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