Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back to the wood pile!

After a 20 year break from turning wood, I've returned to it again!

This time I have a little mini Jet lathe, tucked away in the corner at the back of my house, where the house meets the tiny shed we have. I'm ready to turn little things like hair sticks and little pots and bowls!

I just wish we didn't have bull ants...

I could really have done without being bitten today.

I did get some lovely wood today! I got a gift pack from a friend on the Woodturners forum! And some burls - I'm going to make "caps" for the hair sticks from those.

I have to get another chuck. Once I got the pin jaws on the one I realised that taking them on and off all the time was not going to be an option.

I'm realising that a lathe really is something that spins away money!

But I hope that people like my hair sticks enough to buy them. Otherwise I'm going to end up with cupboards full of hair sticks!

I can only wear one at a time. Well, two maybe. Three at most. Four is right out there...

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