Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Keyrings in Camphor Laurel

Camphor Laurel is one of my favourite woods. But then, I have so many timbers that I love!

Today I taught myself how to make keyrings, and made two in Camphor Laurel.


  1. hello, my partner is a keen woodworker too, but we have been wondering lately where you get your hands on camphor laurel ... where did you get yours?

  2. oooh Eliza - these would smell so nice!
    Congrats on your blog! Ali :)

  3. Sally, it's all around the place locally - it practically grows on trees! ;)

    But to answer your question more seriously I do get given a bit by local woodturners, who got it when the trees fall in storms or drop large branches.

    I have also bought some pen blanks from ebay because they were particulaly good colour.

    Other then that - where do you live?